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The original streetlight poles were owned and operated by TECO.  We were forced to pay a monthly rental on each pole as well as the usage.  TECO refused to "sell" the poles to us.  In 2004 the neighborhood voted to replace the TECO poles with our own decorative poles that we would own.  We voted a special assessment or two and used a loan from SunTrust to help finance the project.  The poles have since been paid off however we need to replace the 100 watt high pressure sodium bulbs every 4 to 5 years as the light deteriorates significantly.  

Back in 2016 we started an experiment with LED lights and installed one "corn cob" LED to try it out.  In 2019 we swapped out that 35 watt LED with a newer technology 54 watt LED light and the new one had better light distribution.  We switch out all bulbs in June 2020 with 68  watt LEDs - estimated energy cost per bulb is $8.19 over a year.  In July our energy consumption dropped from 12 KWH in 2019 to only 8 KWH in 2020.  

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