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Curb Drainage Issues 2020

As with all neighborhoods in Hunters Green, the tree roots have caused problems with not only sidewalks but also changing the contour of the concrete curbs which has caused water retention / drainage issues in a number of areas.  We have surveyed other neighborhoods and no one has found a satisfactory solution yet.  Replacing and regrading the curbs is very expensive at $35 per linear foot since the concrete  curbs are 12" deep. 


In 2020 we found a contractor who drilled 3/4" holes in most of our problem areas to see if that would help drain the sitting water.  Our goal is to have the water gone within two days.  We will have to keep the dirt and debris out of the curbs in those areas so water can get to the holes.  They won't drain immediately but hopefully will speed the process somewhat.  We'll see how this works and what we need to do to keep the holes cleared on occasion.  Removing and repairing the curbs would cost nearly as much as our complete road milling and resurfacing so we are hoping to avoid that.

Clean Ponding 1.jpeg
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